How to Enroll in Medicare Online

With many offices and businesses still closed due to COVID-19, many people are wondering how to enroll in Medicare online. There are many different aspects of Medicare. Certain parts of Medicare are administered by the government. Other parts and plans are through private insurance companies. This article discusses some tips and tricks on how to enroll in Medicare online.

Part A

Part A of Medicare covers hospitalization. Most people are enrolled in Part A of Medicare automatically at 65. To qualify for an automatic enrollment at 65, you need to accumulate 40 quarters of tax credits. Some people are enrolled in Part A prior to 65. People who qualify for Part A before the age of 65 have an approved disability through the Social Security Administration. Whether you are over 65 or under 65, the Social Security Administration handles Medicare Part A enrollments. To enroll online, click here.

Part B

Part B of Medicare covers outpatient medical services. Just like Part A, Part B enrollments are handled by the Social Security Administration. You can also qualify for Part B before the age of 65 due to disability. There are very specific rules on how to qualify for Medicare Part A and Part B before the age of 65. These requirements are listed on the Social Security Administration website. Part B premiums may fluctuate based on your modified adjusted gross income from prior years. Also, you must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B to qualify for Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans. To enroll online, click here.

Part C

Private insurance companies sell Part C plans. Part C plans are also known as Medicare Advantage plans. These plans help cover the out of pocket costs with Part A and Part B of Medicare. There are many different factors on finding the right Part C plan for your needs. We do not recommend applying for a plan online until you have compared all the available options. To compare options, please give us a call. We will email you plan information as well as an online application.

Part D

Part D drug plans are sold through private insurance companies. To qualify for a Part D drug plan, you need to be enrolled in Part A. You cannot have a standalone Part D drug plan at the same time you have a Part C Medicare Advantage plan. Most Medicare Advantage plans include drug coverage, but some do not. Even though the Part D drug plan is purchased through a private insurance company, you can apply for a plan through the Federal Medicare website. When shopping for plans, the Federal Medicare website will search for drug plans based on your favorite pharmacy and current prescriptions. The website will then list plans in order based on overall lowest cost (ie. Premium + expected out of pocket cost). Once you find the right plan for your needs, you can apply online. To shop all drug plans and enroll online, click here.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Private insurance companies sell Medicare Supplement plans. These plans are also known as Medigap plans. Medicare Supplement plans are very strong in coverage and work with the same doctor’s list as Part A and Part B of Medicare. We recommend enrolling in the Plan G, regardless which insurance company you select. The Plan G is the highest benefit Medicare Supplement plan effective 1/1/2020. Choosing the right Medicare Supplement insurance carrier can be tricky. Many of the variables that go into our recommendation are not listed publicly online. Because of this, we recommend calling us so we can help determine the right insurance company for you. To quote Medicare Supplement plans online, click here.