Humana Medicare Nevada

Medicare Advantage Plans That Can Save You Money

Humana Medicare Nevada

For those just starting Medicare or anyone that currently has a plan, it can be difficult to know whether you are on the best plan for your situation. There are numerous carriers and plans available for Medicare beneficiaries. On particular carrier is Humana. A Humana Medicare Nevada plan falls under the category of Medicare Advantage.

How to Get a Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage is the counterpart of a Medicare Supplement plan. To enroll in an Advantage plan, you need to have Part B. You can check if you have Part B by looking at your Medicare Card which lists your Part A and Part B effective dates. Typically you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan if one of the two scenarios is true.

  1. You just turned or are turning 65 years old and you are new to Medicare.
  2. It is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) and you are switching to an Advantage plan.

These are not the only way to enroll in an Advantage policy but these are typically the most common. You can call our office and speak with a broker to get more specific situations that allow you to enroll in a Humana Medicare Nevada policy.

Medicare Advantage Benefits

Most Medicare Advantage plans have no monthly premiums. They also often include coverage for dental, vision, hearing aids, and prescriptions for no extra charge. Advantage plans can be a great way to reduce the monthly cost of Medicare. Although, you often have higher amounts to pay when you use the plan and receive medical services. While the copays for basic services like doctor visits and lab services are usually low and inexpensive, comprehensive services like going to the hospital or surgery might have a significantly higher cost.

Please call our office for a specific list of what a Humana Medicare Nevada plan covers and how much the plan charges. As your health insurance broker, we can help find and enroll you in a plan that best fits your needs. In addition, there are no added costs or fees to you to use our services.