Anthem Medicare Nevada

Anthem Providing Medicare Plans in Nevada

Anthem Medicare Nevada

Whether you are brand new to Medicare or have been enrolled for some time, it is great to review your options each year to see if there is a new plan that is a better choice for you. This requires you to know if a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement option is the right choice as well as what carriers are available in your area. One particular carrier is Anthem. Anthem Medicare Nevada plans can either be a Supplement or an Advantage policy.

Medicare Supplements

Medigap plans are a commonly used name for Supplements. Supplement plans fill in the gaps of Parts A and B that Original Medicare does not cover. Generally, Original Medicare only covers about 80% of your doctor and hospital bills. Most Supplement plans will fill in that extra 20% for little to no out of pocket expense to you. The biggest cost associated with Supplement plans is the monthly premium. These plans also do cover drugs. This will require you to continue paying your Part B premium on top of your Supplement plan and prescription drug policy.

Medicare Advantage

In addition to Supplement plans, Anthem Medicare Nevada policies can also be Medicare Advantage plans. Your Advantage plan will typically have little to no monthly premium. If you are a low utilizer of your Medicare policy, you may be able to save money over the course of the year switching to a no premium plan. Advantage plans also typically offer drug coverage and other added benefits like dental, vision, and hearing for no extra cost. The biggest difference between these plans and Supplements is your out of pocket expenses. Most Advantage plans will require you to pay more out of pocket when using medical services.

If you have questions about which policy may be best for you, please call our office and speak with a health insurance broker. Everyone has their specific situation and no two people are alike. We can sit down with you for no extra charge and help find and enroll you in a policy that best fits your needs.