No Cost Medicare Plans Nevada

Getting Great Coverage and Saving Money

No Cost Medicare Plans in Nevada

There are many plans that have no monthly premiums for Medicare beneficiaries. These plans typically fall under the Medicare Advantage category. These plans can be great options for low utilizers of the health plan or those that want to lower their monthly cost for Medicare as much as possible. Due to the vast number of no cost Medicare plans in Nevada, you should speak to a health insurance broker to find a plan that best fits your needs.

Medicare Advantage

A Medicare Advantage plan typically has little to no monthly premiums but will charge you copays for using the plan. Most copays are low for basic services like seeing the doctor or lab work. Although, going to the hospital or having surgery can have a much higher cost to you.

Most Medicare plans also include prescription drug coverage. This means that you do not need to purchase a separate drug plan like you would with a Medicare Supplement policy. In addition to providing medical insurance, an Advantage plan will also usually have additional coverages. These might include dental, vision, and hearing aid services as well as gym memberships.

When to Enroll in A Medicare Advantage Plan

There are two main events that allow someone to enroll in no cost Medicare plans in Nevada. The first is turning 65 and becoming eligible for Medicare. Most people will be automatically enrolled in Part A for Medicare. You will also need to enroll in Part B. You cannot enroll in any additional Medicare plan without Part B. To enroll in Part B, you will need to work with the Social Security Administration.

The other event for enrolling in an Advantage plan is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. This runs from October 7th to December 15th. Anyone who has Parts A and B of Medicare can enroll in or switch their Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan. There are many other events that will allow you a special enrollment period to enroll in an Advantage plan but these tend to be the most common.