Medical Insurance Reno

End of the Year Open Enrollment

Medical Insurance Reno

Open enrollment for the 2019 plan year will be upon us shortly. From November 1st until the end of the year, this will be the busiest time for the insurance industry. Anyone that is on an individual medical insurance Reno policy, will have to select a new plan for 2019. This is also the time for anyone on a Medicare Advantage Reno policy to make changes as well. In addition, many small businesses have renewal dates at the end of the year. Businesses can also make new plan selections or change insurance companies. It is important for you, as the consumer, to understand what all your options are and make an educated choice.

Individual Policies

If you are not eligible for a group plan or you are not over the age of 65, then you will fall into the individual and family category. Nevada will have only three insurance options for individuals once again this year. They are Hometown Health, Health Plan of Nevada, and Silver Summit. Historically Hometown Health has had the lowest priced plans. They have also had the largest network in Northern Nevada, and they are the only company offering PPO plans to individuals. As soon as our office has all the approved plans and rates for 2019, you can call us and receive personalized quotes.

Medicare Advantage

There are more choices for Medicare Advantage plans in Northern Nevada then there are for individuals. Prominence, Humana, and Aetna also offer these plans and are the most popular choices amongst our clients. Like individual open enrollment, Advantage members can shop plans and make changes to their policy to fit their needs. This period is from October 15th to December 7th. Although most Medicare Advantage plans usually only cover local doctors, they can be a great way to save on health insurance costs and come with many added benefits.

Group Health Insurance

Although small businesses can have their renewal dates at any time during the year, many businesses have their plan renewals setup during the 4th quarter. If the business renews their plan before January 1st, then they will keep that 2018 plan until the end of next year. Group plans have many different options to choose from and have the most freedom when starting up. In addition, a new Reno Chamber Association Plan has entered the market for small groups to enroll in. Groups looking to form or wishing to change their current plan can call our office for free group health insurance quotes.

Please call our office if you would like additional information or need help with your health insurance. As your health insurance broker, we can shop all the plans that are available to best fit your needs. This service comes to you at no additional cost. Our office does not charge fees and you will always pay the same amount for the plan if you were to enroll alone.