Medicare Reno

Make Sure You Know Your Options Before You Decide!

Medicare Reno Plan Options

If you are shopping around for Medicare, it can certainly be an overwhelming process. You often have multiple ads and packets arriving in your mailbox as well as commercials on TV. These advertisements also increase towards the end of the year pressuring you into switching your plan. It can really help to speak with a health insurance broker to get all your options on Medicare Reno plans. Our office is contracted with every insurance company in Nevada. We can provide you with an unbiased opinion on which plan may be best for you. Below is brief information about each plan choice as well as the pros and cons.

Medicare Supplement

Many people sign up for these plans when they become initially eligible for Medicare. A Medicare Supplement plan will fill in the 20% gap original Medicare Parts A and B do not cover. This is why these plans are often called Medigap plans. Many people have Plan G, F, or N. These three are not the only options. Discussing this with a broker will help limit the choices down to the right policy.


  • Very low out of pocket expenses
  • National doctor list
  • Keeps future Medicare options open


  • Has a premium
  • Limited additional coverage for dental, vision, or hearing
  • No drug coverage (This can actually be a pro depending on your situation)

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Reno plans also include Advantage policies. You have the option to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan during the Annual Enrollment period. This runs from October 15th to December 7th. These plans will work like your traditional health insurance and can be HMO or PPO. Many local carriers offer these plans as well as national carriers. Here are the highs and lows with these policies.


  • Very low to $0 monthly premiums
  • Often includes additional coverage like dental, vision, and hearing aids
  • May have private clinics or additional benefits that are only for members


  • Restricted doctor lists
  • Higher out of pocket expenses when using the plan
  • Cannot reenroll in Medigap coverage without health questions

If you would like help with these options, please give our office a call. As a Reno health insurance broker, we can discuss each choice and help you make an informed decision without any fees or added expenses.