Nevada Association Health Plans

Lower Priced Options for Nevada Small Businesses

Nevada Association Health Plans

While Washington still debates over association health plans, Nevada insurance carriers are still offering these options to small businesses. Association plans allow insurance carriers to offer groups of small employers the opportunity to form a large group. This allows the insurance company to lower rates and help save you on your monthly premium. If you are interested in prices for your business, you can use our group quoting tool linked below.  This will allow us to generate Nevada association health plans and prices tailored to you and your employees.


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Plan Benefits

All association health plans that have been released are fully qualified. This means that the Nevada Division of Insurance has determined that they meet ACA guidelines. Therefore, if you are interested in enrolling in a Nevada association health plan then it will work very similar to your current policy. The most important number for the benefits is your maximum out of pocket. This benefit limits your total medical expenses in a year to a certain amount. If you end up having a major injury or illness and hit this mark, the insurance company covers you for any remaining expenses for the rest of the year. Every Reno health insurance policy, including Nevada association health plans, has this benefit.


The savings on your monthly premium can vary but are usually significant. So far, premiums for these plans have been from 15 to even 25 percent less than small group or individual rates. Depending on your group size, this could mean saving thousands a month. Therefore, you will have the freedom to buy up to richer policies, increase contribution amount for the plans, or put the cash to other areas of your business.

Setting up association health plans can be difficult. Our office is capable of walking through every step to ensure you meet the deadlines for these plans. If your current health insurance broker has not shown you how much you can save, our brokers can generate personized quotes in less than 24 hours.