Nevada Special Enrollment Periods for Individuals

Every year, individuals and families shop for health care during the Open Enrollment Period. After Open Enrollment ends, you can still get health care coverage mid year. If you experienced a Qualifying Life Event you might be able to get affordable health insurance starting next month! Also, there are many different types of health insurance options available in the market. If you are eligible for Medicare, your Nevada Special Enrollment Periods are different than the individual and family market. To learn more about the Special Enrollment Period rules with Medicare, please click here.

Qualifying Life Events

For Nevada Special Enrollment Periods, you must experience a Qualifying Life Event. The most common Qualifying Life Events are:

  • Involuntary loss of minimum essential coverage. (Termination due to non-payment is not a Qualifying Life Event.)
  • Getting Married or Divorced.
  • Had a baby, adopted a child, or placed a child up for foster care.
  • Permanent change in residence from a different state or country.
  • Your employer offers an ‘ICHRA’ health plan to full time employees

Enrollment Rules for Individuals and Families

Most Qualifying Life Events require you to apply within 60 days of the event. For example, if you moved to Nevada 5 months ago, you will not be able to apply with this Qualifying Life Event since your permanent change of residence occurred over 60 days ago. Also, the only Special Enrollment Period that allows a retroactive enrollment is a child birth within the past 30 days.

After you apply for a plan, you need to submit proof of the Qualifying Life Event. Most insurance companies want you to send this information in within 30 days of your coverage starting. For example if you apply with a Marriage Qualifying Life Event, you need to submit your marriage certificate to the insurance company. Submitting this documentation can be tricky and we recommend working with a broker who will guide you through this process.