Nevada Private Insurance

Difference Between Private and Marketplace Insurance

Nevada Private Insurance

If you are searching for qualified health insurance plans, there are two main sources you will find. For private plans, there are two companies that are offering plans to individuals in Nevada which is Hometown Health and Health Plan of Nevada. The other source of insurance is the health insurance marketplace. This is where you can purchase a plan with a subsidy. Health Plan of Nevada is also selling plans here and the other carrier available is Ambetter. This means there are a total of three insurance companies to choose from. Consulting with a health insurance broker will ease the process of buying a Nevada private insurance plan.

The Difference

Private health insurance will require you to only enter basic information about yourself. This includes address, dates of birth, SSNs and anything else you would put on a normal application. The health insurance marketplace will require you to enter income information in addition to what was previously listed. This is because the premium is based on how much you earn. The federal government then pays for the remaining portion of your premium in the form of a subsidy. Although, if you end up making more in a year than you stated, you could have to pay back some or all of the money you were given in taxes. Another difference is that there are no PPO plans offered through the marketplace. This means that if you want a health insurance Nevada PPO policy, you will have to purchase it privately.

How to Determine Where You Should Go

The short answer to this question is that it depends. Based on your health conditions and your budget, you may be a better fit for one or the other. Your personal preference on how easy you would like the insurance to work can also influence your choice. Generally speaking, private insurance can be the easiest to maintain since there are no income requirements. In addition, purchasing a private PPO plan will allow you the most freedom when you need medical services. The goal for our office is always to find you the plan that covers all your needs for the most affordable price.

If you have any questions about Nevada private insurance or the health insurance marketplace then please give our office a call. We can provide you with direction and health insurance quotes for no additional cost to you. Our office does not charge you fees and you will always pay the same amount for your plan.