Get Access to More Doctors with Vera Reno

Prominence Health Plan, a local insurance company in Reno, recently announced a partnership with Vera Whole Life. Vera Reno is scheduled to open its doors in April 2019. Members of Prominence Health Plan will have access to Vera Reno for many different services. As a result, Prominence members will have shorter wait times when seeing the doctor. These new facilities will have on site Internal Medicine and Geriatric Primary Care Physicians. Also, Vera Reno will be able to draw blood and run lab tests at their facilities. Furthermore, they will also have roughly 200 generic prescriptions available at their on-site pharmacy. Vera Reno will have limited prescriptions and is not a full range pharmacy.

Shorter Wait Times

Vera Reno is exclusively partnering with Prominence Health Plan. Consequently, they will not be contracting with any other insurance companies or Medicaid. For Prominence members this is fantastic news since they will have a provider facility dedicated to them. As a result, this will help improve wait times so Prominence members can see doctors as soon as possible.

Currently, primary care physicians in Reno are seeing roughly 4000 or more patients. However in most areas outside of Nevada primary care doctors are seeing 2000 – 2500 patients on average. Vera Whole Life is planning to limit their doctors to a much smaller list of patients. This allows the doctor to spend more time with the patient and get to know them on a much more personal level. Vera Reno wants their doctors to see roughly 750 patients only, which is far below the national average.

What to Expect

While we wait for the location in Reno to open its doors, patients can prepare themselves by enrolling in a Prominence Health Plan. Since Prominence Health Plan is the only insurance company to contract with Vera Reno, patients will need the right coverage.

Vera Reno wants their doctors to meet with patients for roughly 45 minutes to an hour each visit. Visits must be scheduled in advance. They will not be accepting Walk Ins.

Enroll in a Plan that Accepts Vera Whole Life

If you are interested in a more personalized experience with your doctor, we can help reduce your wait times! Prominence Health Plan currently offers Part C Medicare Advantage Plans and Employer Plans. Give us a call today to find a plan that accepts Vera Reno. Our brokers do not charge any fees to help you enroll in a plan.