Save Money with Hometown Health Benefits

Hometown Health currently offers plans to individuals, small businesses, and large businesses. If you have Hometown Health benefits, you may qualify for added perks. As a local insurance company focused on wellness, their plans include added benefits to keep you healthy all year round. Most major medical plans only cover the required benefits on their policies. Hometown Health benefits its members by going above and beyond and giving them added coverage at no extra cost.

2 Free Primary Care Physician Visits

Most Hometown Health plans allow members to visit a doctor for free twice a year. Also, preventative wellness visits are separate from the 2 free visits to the Primary Care Physician on their plans. The 2 free visits are available each calendar year. However, they do not roll over into the next calendar year if you do not use them.

If any of the following circumstances apply to you, you do not qualify for 2 free PCP visits:

  • You are enrolled in an Association Health Plan.
  • Your plan is HSA-Compatible.
  • You are enrolled in a bronze plan that has high deductible requirements before any copay or coinsurance benefits.
  • Your PCP visit includes a diagnostic/lab/procedure during the appointment.

We recommend reviewing your summary of Hometown Health benefits to see if you qualify for these 2 free visits.

Free Gym Memberships

Hometown Health has a health and wellness program called Healthy Tracks. This added service will make sure you are healthy and staying fit during the year. Also you can login online and view all the resources available through the program.

As a bonus, Hometown Health will pay for your gym membership at select gyms around town. Just like your health insurance plan, there is a network list of gyms that Hometown Health will pay for. You can learn more about this program on Hometown Health’s website.

Just like the 2 Free PCP visits, not every plan includes the Healthy Tracks program and free gym membership.