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Blue Cross Nevada

If you are moving from another state to Nevada, you most likely have heard of Blue Cross or Blue Shield before. In Nevada, this carrier is more commonly known as Anthem. Anthem is a national carrier that has contracted doctors and hospitals all over the United States. If you are looking for Blue Cross Nevada plan, Anthem is your closest option. Anthem provides a variety of different coverage options for most markets in Nevada. The two most common lines of coverage you might be getting with Anthem are employer group plans or Medicare.

Group Plans

Anthem offers employer sponsored plans for both small and large groups in Nevada. A small group is defined as any employer with at least 2 full-time employees but no more than 50. As long as you have 2 employees, that aren’t spouses, you are eligible for a group plan. Generally, if you have more than 50, you will be considered a large group. The plans and rates available for the small group market are vastly different from large group.

Anthem offers both PPO and HMO plan options for groups. They also have HSA eligible plans if you or your employees would like to contribute towards an HSA. If you have employees that live in other states, Anthem may be a great option for your company. Many of their plans offer a national network of doctors. This means an employee can be living in another state and still use the plan like normal even though it is a Nevada policy. Not all health insurance carriers offer this and some may only cover you for emergencies if you are outside of your service area.


There are two main markets for Medicare plans. These are Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. Anthem offers both to those that are Medicare eligible. Depending on your specific circumstances, one of these options will be a better choice for you. Medicare Supplement plans offer a large list of doctors to choose from and generally cover 100% of your medical expenses after you satisfy your Part B deductible. Although, these plans have a monthly premium and do not cover prescription drugs. Anthem also offers Part D prescription plans if you decide to enroll in a supplement.

Medicare Advantage plans usually have no monthly premiums to enroll. It also often covers prescription drugs and other expenses such as dental, vision, and hearing aids. In exchange, you will have higher out of pocket costs when using a Medicare Advantage plan. You will also need to use their specific doctors that are within the plan’s network which may limit you to certain providers.

If you have additional questions about obtaining an Anthem Blue Cross Nevada plan or if you would like help enrolling, please give our office a call. As your health insurance broker, we can provide you with consultation and assistance for no additional cost to you.