Pinnacle Medical Group   There is a new medical group in 2021. Pinnacle Medical Group opens up in the Reno/Sparks area. That means that Doctors are switching to the new Pinnacle Medical Group. Pinnacle Medical Group just started accepting new patients at their locations across the valley. With a new group, means doctors will be… Read More

If you are shopping in Reno for Health Insurance in 2021, we can help! Our local office in Northern Nevada helps people navigate the complex world of health care. Our 7 licensed brokers also contract with every major medical insurance company. Also, we do not charge fees! Our team can help you with the following… Read More

Renown Preferred Medicare Plans One of the largest networks of doctors in the area, Renown, has three different related health insurance brands. This can make things confusing for consumers who may not know how the relationships between these brands work. The insurance brands that work best with Renown are Renown Preferred Medicare Plans, Senior Care… Read More

Medicare Plans that Cover Renown Starting in 2021 Renown Hospital, located here in Reno is going to begin offering Renown Medicare Advantage plans.  At the conclusion of this article, I hope you have a better understanding as to which Medicare plans cover Renown. Two Local Insurance Companies Turning 65 is the easy part, figuring out… Read More

Renown Medicare Advantage 2021 could not be a better year to be on a Medicare Advantage plan in Nevada. Insurance companies this year are offering great plan benefits. Many are also including additional services such as dental and vision coverage. For the first time, Renown is now offering a brand new Renown Medicare Advantage plan.… Read More

There are many different options for health care in Nevada. There is a lot of buzz in the community with new health plan options. We have heard many people interested in enrolling in Prominence in 2021. With access to some of the most popular hospitals in Nevada, Prominence in 2021 is shaping up to be… Read More

  Finding Medicare Plans in Nevada The first step to setting up your Nevada Medicare is to sign up for parts A and B. Most people are automatically enrolled in Part A (Hospitalization) if they have worked and paid taxes for 40 quarters. The second step is signing up for Medicare Part B (outpatient services).… Read More

How do I find a doctor in Nevada? Finding a doctor in Nevada can be an overwhelming feeling. If someone doesn’t know where to start then it can be a tough experience. The first thing you will have to keep in mind is if the doctor is in-network or not in-network. In-network doctors are available… Read More

Anthem in Nevada You might be familiar with the name Anthem, Blue Cross, or Blue Shield. These insurance companies are all very similar and operate jointly. In Nevada, Anthem is a large insurance carrier that offers many different products. Blue Cross and Blue Shield do not operate in this state. If you own a business… Read More

Your health insurance plan has a lot of confusing terms. One of the major questions we get asked about is the difference between your deductible vs maximum out of pocket. Depending on the plan, these policy benefits may have different definitions. We recommend verifying this information with your plan’s summary of benefits. This article discusses… Read More