The Benefits of Employee Health Insurance Plans

More and more companies are offering employee health insurance to their full time workers. Furthermore, the individual and family market has limited options for health care. These individual market plans also have very high premiums and are paid with post tax dollars. Because of this, people are shopping for jobs that offer employee health insurance plans.

Tax Benefits

Employee health insurance plans can be paid for as a pretax expense through Section 125 of the IRS Code. Once you have a group plan set up, it is very easy to establish the requirements for Section 125. Unlike the individual and family market, your workers can pay for employee health insurance premiums as a pretax expense. As the employer, your contributions towards the employee health insurance will reduce the amount of taxes you are required to pay.

Helping Your Business Grow

In Northern Nevada, we are seeing an influx of Californians moving into town from our neighboring state. As people move here and look for jobs, they are shopping for benefits as well. To make sure you are getting a skilled workforce for your business, it is paramount to offer benefits.

If you are a small employer, you may qualify for large group plans through the newly approved Association Plans in Nevada. These Association Plans will offer large group style benefits at a much lower rate compared to small group plans. If you have employees that are accustomed to large employer plans, this may be a great option for you to keep premiums low while offering the best possible coverage.

Taking Care of Your Employees

With limited options in the individual and family market, your employees may have problem finding insurance that covers all their needs. With only three total insurance companies in Washoe County in the individual market, many consumers cannot find a plan that covers all their doctors. Furthermore, these plans do not cover a nationwide network.

Fortunately, employee health insurance plans through your business will mitigate this issue. There are many options for plans that cover doctors all over the nation. Taking care of your employees will help you retain your most skilled workers which will ultimately help your business flourish

Employee Health Insurance Quoting

Our office contracts with every health insurance plan in Nevada. To learn more about your options, please follow this web link to complete a quoting census. As your broker, we do not share the information you give us and we keep everything confidential. We also do not charge any fees for our services.