Carson Chamber Plans

Association Health Plans for Carson City

Carson Chamber Plans

Two new association health plans have been released for small businesses in Nevada. Hometown Health has teamed up with the Carson City Chamber and Carson Valley Chamber to offer lower costing options for health insurance. The discount in premiums for these plans can be anywhere from 5% to 25% less than current ACA plans. To be eligible for either of the Carson Chamber plans, your business must be a member of the respective chamber. If you are interested in a quote, use the button below for prices in 24 hours or less.

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Plan Options

Both of these associations offer the exact same choices for plans. The Carson Chamber plans are also the same as every other association group that Hometown is offering. Therefore, you can shop all association plan options to see which group has the lowest rates and works best with your business. Other associations with Hometown include the BBB, BANN, BNI, and Nevada Realtors. Although the plans choices are the same, there are differences between these groups besides the monthly premium. Each association offers different amenities for joining and also has varying fees and requirements. Our office can walk you through each option to help you make a choice.


The Carson Chamber plans are still considered fully qualified. This means that the Nevada Division of Insurance has reviewed the plans and determined that they meet ACA requirements. Although, there are some differences between these association plans and traditional health insurance small business plans. These differences are:

  • No coverage for infertility treatment
  • Only 60 days of skilled nursing instead of 100 days
  • Does not cover hearing aids
  • No pediatric vision coverage
  • Does not offer a gym benefit

If you are interested in prices for these plans or group health insurance quotes, please connect with our office. As your health insurance broker, we can shop all available plan options for no additional cost to you. We do not charge fees and there is no added surcharge for our services.