Health insurance technology is still very much behind the times. As of 2020, we’re still seeing the majority of reno health insurance companies insist on having employees complete paper enrollment forms. Anthem has a seven-page enrollment form. United includes 4 pages. These don’t include any health questions. All they’re asking for is who you are,… Read More

Association Plans for Businesses Finding affordable health insurance plans for small businesses can be difficult. Depending on the average age of the employees, a small business might end up with a monthly rate that really cuts into your budget. You may end up with the choice of keeping the plan or terminating it to save… Read More

Switching Group Health Insurance Your health insurance plan can be a huge part of the benefits package offered to employees. Most businesses, small or not, will have a difficult time attracting and retaining employees without it. In addition, your plans should meet the needs of the employees at the most competitive price the business can… Read More

Group Insurance Enrollments As a health insurance broker, our services do not stop at finding you a health plan. Owners and administrators can often be swamped with work and tasks that are difficult and time-consuming. Administering your health plan does not have to be one of them. Your insurance broker should be offering a host… Read More

HSA Plans and Deductibles Many people I speak with often focus on the deductible of the health insurance policy they are considering. The deductible can often be used to determine how rich or “good” the plan is. While this can often be the case, many people can be easily confused by HSA plans. These plans… Read More

Association Health Plans in Nevada These plans became a big part of the Nevada health insurance industry in 2019. Association plans were lower costing small business health policies that allowed industry related businesses to join together. When these groups of businesses pooled together, they could operate under one large group and get lower rates from… Read More

Is Losing Coverage Due to Nonpayment a Life Event? The short answer: no. Generally, losing coverage because you did not pay your monthly premium is not considered a qualifying life event. There are quite a few different life events that allow you to purchase health insurance midyear. While these life events are designed to help… Read More

How Do HSA Plans Work? I often have clients ask to see plans and prices for HSA eligible health insurance plans. Usually, the idea to shop these plans comes from a friend or colleague that explains that HSA plans are the way to go. Another source is the attractive low deductibles that HSA plans have.… Read More

Avoiding ACA look-alike Plans This will be the first year Nevada residents will not be able to purchase a plan outside of open enrollment. Due to this requirement, many people that missed the deadline on December 15th may feel pressured to find something to cover medical expenses. This will, unfortunately, lead to individuals enrolling in… Read More

Open Enrollment for Individuals and Families ends on 12/15 each year. The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period ends on 12/7 each year. If you applied for coverage before the deadline, your new plan should start on 1/1. Before you close the books on your insurance plan, there are a few housekeeping items you need to review… Read More