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Carson City Health Insurance

Options for health insurance in Carson City

Those living in Carson City have very similar insurance carrier choices as the rest of the state. Although, your monthly premium and network of doctors and facilities will vary greatly. Whether or not a plan is a good choice depends on if it fits your budget and if you can see the providers that you feel most comfortable with. As a health insurance broker, our office can shop all available options for health insurance in Carson City to help you find a good fit. We can help with individuals, small businesses, or individuals over the age of 65 looking for Medicare.

Individuals and Medicare

When shopping for insurance, it can be difficult to know if your doctor or prescriptions are covered. Our brokers are capable of searching with each carrier and network to ensure that your policy fits the coverage you need. In addition, you can obtain prices and quotes through our website for both Medicare and Individuals. You can also get prices from one of our brokers over the phone or meet us in our office. We can go over each benefit and answer any questions you have about the policy. All of this is done at no additional cost to you. We will also ensure you do not miss any deadlines to submit your application.

Small Group and Association Options

If you are a business owner, you will have additional options for health insurance in Carson City. Traditional small group employer plans usually have a significantly lower monthly premium than individual policies. These plans are also paid with pre-tax dollars, increasing the savings. If you have a Nevada business license and have two or more full-time employees, you may be eligible for these plans. Association health plans are also available now to business owners operating in Carson City. These plans work very similar to small group plans but can have even lower premiums. If you are a member of the Carson Valley or Carson City Chamber of Commerce you may be eligible. Our office can go over all the steps with you to determine if this is an option for your company.