2016 Obamacare Individual Medical Insurance Open Enrollment is already shaping up to be much more successful than the past 2 years. Staff Changes at the Exchange SSHIX has a new Acting Insurance Commissioner Amy Parks. They also have a relatively new Exchange Executive Director Bruce Gilbert, Working with the exchange has become much easier. Now we have… Read More

In my last article, I discussed the Doc Fix legislation and how it affects Medicare Supplement plans’ C & F coverage of the Part B deductible. Now I want to address how the Doc Fix connects with premiums for Part B and Part D of Medicare and related costs/expenses. It used to be that everyone… Read More

Part B Deductible A formula called the Sustainable Growth Rate became law in 1997. It was the government’s attempt to try to address the high costs it incurs for Medicare.  The idea was to create savings for Medicare by keeping the rate of growth of physician’s costs in line with the rate of growth of… Read More

Are you enrolled in a subsidized health insurance plan through HealthCare.gov and experiencing issues with your required document submission? You are not the only one. The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, Nevada’s overseeing entity that regulates and monitors Obamacare policies, confirmed a nationwide issue with HealthCare.gov’s required document submission department. According to numerous reports, members… Read More

The rules for when you should start Medicare Part B enrollment can be very complicated and literally depend on your circumstances. I’ve seen numerous articles that say 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 everyday.  I’ve also seen that about 50% of them start taking social security retirement income before they turn 65.  If you’re turning 65… Read More

The government’s definition of family income for Obamacare, or MAGI (Modified Adjust Gross Income), what goes into it and what does not, would be impractical to address in one article. My clients frequently asked about Social Security. Does it count as family income in your Modified Adjusted Gross income or does it not? And, of… Read More

Emergency costs for a hospital visit can vary a lot. It depends on whether you have an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) or a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). First off, what is an emergency or an emergency situation and how are emergency costs related?  A reasonable definition would be a medical condition that is bad enough to warrant… Read More

No tax credits for health insurance?As everyone who purchases private health insurance is keenly aware when you age your premiums also go up.  When you reach your late fifties and early sixties, it goes way up. Without tax credits that cost continues to rise.If your family income is less than 400% of the Federal Poverty… Read More

CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services), who controls enrollment periods for states which use the FFM (Federally-Facilitated Marketplaces) enrollments, has just announced that there will be yet another Special Enrollment period in 2015. This includes Nevada. Their announcement specifies details of when the special enrollment period in 2015 is, and who qualifies for it. The… Read More